Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Roll a Unit Plan Forward to a New Year

Unit Plan Strategy for Rolling forward to a New Year

  1. Click here for the help page with the following information

  • Recommendations for rolling your Unit Plan and Lesson Plans forward to a new year.

  • Make sure you archive any Unit Plans you want to roll forward for a year
  • Filter for Archived Units
  • Select Copy on the Unit you want to roll forward
  • Update the Unit Plan dates, Name and Description as appropriate in the pop up window and click save
    • Suggestion is to add the date ie: 14.15 to the beginning or end of the Unit Name to distinguish it from prior year
  • The newly named unit will now appear in your Active Units.
    • The Unit Plan will be unchanged 
    • The Lesson Plans (formerly strategies) are at the bottom and have their original dates associated with them
      • At this point the lesson plans need their dates modified individually to move them into the date range of the new Unit Plan
    • *** We will be modifying this lesson plan date process so look for a forthcoming update.

No new updates this week.  The programmers are working to add & modify features.  Stay tuned for updates as they occur.

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